Hold My Hand

Nothing moves me more than seeing two life-weathered people deeply in love. I love seeing that look in their eye that says, "I'm yours & you are mine." I love when a couple has been married longer than they were not married...how they still tease one another relentlessly & then moments later they say, "This is my best friend." it speaks so much to me about God's intentions for us to love deeply, fiercely & loyally...till death do us part.

I work in an orthopedics office. About 90% of our clientele come to us because their bodies are getting older and it's time for a knee or hip replacement. But several times a day, a little couple will shuffle up to my window... Tell me some good stories on their way out the door. What just melts my little romantic heart is when they begin to leave, they help each other gather up purse, hat, paperwork, etc and then reach for each other's hands. They walk away together. Usually one is protective of the other... Today, i checked out a lady who was a little wobbly and before she could even turn to leave I heard her husband say..."hold my hand." She reached for his hand and he took it, kissed it & tucked it under his arm, safe & secure... They shuffled arm in arm out the door. All I could do was watch... That simple act of loving endearment took my breath away...

One of my life goals is to marry my best friend & to celebrate our 50th anniversary. I want the joy of shuffling through even the toughest seasons with someone who will say, "Hold my hand..." now, I could turn this to a spiritual metaphor... In fact, the Lord has said that to me :-) I am grateful that He does hold my hand through all of life's journey. But today, I want to express how beautiful that human relationship is...that intricate & intimate friendship called marriage. Hollywood cannot hold a candle to this kind of romance... Wrinkles, warts & broken hips...love only deepens.

How beautiful :-)