Reflections on God's gift to Women 3.14.06

*** Allow me to preface this blog... I have been re-visiting my myspace days. It is fascinating to read my perspective from six years ago...tomorrow :-) I am working on new reflections but I was inspired by this old one... It's still my heart. Even though I'm more practical and less of a hopeless romantic these days... Enjoy!***

so i was perusing someone's myspace and read a really great post about the way of women... he inspired me to write one of my own.  i often write about being woman...but we share this world and we were given life to be partners with men.  it's time to give respect where it is due.
Man.  The first image that God formed to represent Himself, to be His faithful companion and to wrestle and rule the rest of His creation.  I find it intriguing that our God first chose to demonstrate His likeness in man.  Man is strength.  He's a source and an encouragement. He is safe although rugged and untame.  Within him lies a great God-given power, to be the foreman of the ranch to both tame wildness and unleash passion in a way that only points to a great Creator. 
Standing on a swinging bridge above a rushing waterfall and looking into eyes that say, "You aren't walking this alone.  I won't let you fall, just hold on tight," makes a woman's heart soar with energy to go the distance, to see what is beyond the next peak...  For a woman, nothing is more exhilarating than knowing that she is safe and protected even in her wildest dreams...that she will not be flying alone.
A man...free to be all that the Creator intended...is a sight to behold.  God knew this...that's why He made man.  What is beautiful is what unfolds just after creating man.  God realizes that man alone is not fully reflecting Himself...so He creates woman to bring a representation of His Beauty...His gentleness...and most importantly so that His passion for relationship and life would not be lost on Man who is lonely.  Without the mountain...the grass and the trees and the birds would be useless.  It is the combination of the two that brings the full picture.
Man without Woman...lacking.  Woman without Man...lacking.  Man and Woman without God...nothing.  God, as seen through the unity of Man and Woman, Beautiful Strength...

Thank the Creator God for the Strength and the Beauty...thank You for our partners....