In Honor of Dee Dee Belle

**Today marks the birthday of a very special person in my life. She has been in heaven for six years...but I wanted to share something I wrote four years ago in her memory... **

Sep 1, 2008

today is a special day...a day that always reminds me of one beautiful woman. her name, delores belle klayer west. and for those who knew and loved her best it was simply dee-dee belle born on september 1, 1927, she lived almost to eighty.
a woman i can remember from infancy...full of creativity and giggles. she loved like no one i know. she loved fiercely, and at times, to her own detriment. she was a listening ear and a comforting hug. she looked into your eyes and saw who you were destined to be rather than who you were at the moment. she was my nanny...my grandmother.

i shared so much in common with her...her love for jewlery and fun shoes. i still use some of her vocabulary, like the word snazzy roo (only on special occasions). but she loved to dance...loved music...and she loved Jesus! as the years passed, her memory slowly faded but the one thing that never changed was when you mentioned the name of Jesus...her eyes would light up...her countenance would soften to that of genuine love and she would look like a young girl in love. she would rattle off scriptures and songs...
i loved chatting with her...she had a way of absorbing everything that my lips and brain could express...and then she always knew the best words of wisdom, encouragement and discernment.
i miss her today. but i know that if i could see her now, i would see her dancing with her Lover...with Jesus. she is free in the arms of her Savior...

it's been almost two years and i'm glad she's free of this world, but at times, i think of her and smile...and blink back a longing tear...one day i will sit with her again and we will expound on all of the beauty of Heaven and our Jesus!