i love sundays :-)

Lately, I'm beginning to realize how much I love my church family. I love worshipping with the same people every week and sharing my life with them.

For years I thought that I had to try and make my church change. I had all of these visions of having a cool church...one with all of the amenities, lots of people and loads of resources. Sure, that would be nice. I read all kinds of books on leadership and church growth, attended conferences and even studied it in school... but now I find myself wondering...why? What's the big deal about changing culture, the fabric of a beautiful loving church? Why do we need to be more relevant? The Gospel is the Gospel...it never changes. I am finally beginning to see that the beauty of this little urban church is that it is real, authenic, genuine. It is imperfect...but lovely.

My mom has always quoted the Velveteen Rabbit to me ever since I was a little girl. There's a part in the story when the rabbit is talking to the old rocking horse about being real. The horse says that one becomes real when all of the fur is rubbed off from too much hugging and it is worn out from many years of play. I say...real genuine church is people being real before Jesus and each other. It's not in the packaging or the image...

I love my little church full of love. God is moving in our times together....and when we are apart...we are growing. I love watching Jesus work in us. Soon, He will be working through us...

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