The "God's Will Game" is No Game :-)

So ... I have been going through a major shift in plans! There has been so much uncertainty along the way... I wanted to wait to spill the beans until I knew everything was definite. I am mostly packed and I an planning to move in the morning so I think it is safe to share now :-)

I am no longer moving to CA to go to Fuller, I am heading to Springfield, MO to attend the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary! It's funny how God brings us full circle with ourselves and His plans. I am of the the notion that God has a perfect and permissive will. Whe we live our lives God-ward...our hearts and minds focused on pleasing Him, He leads us. However, as I have experienced, there are occasional forks in the road where it seems like I ask God, "which way now?" and He says,"which do you want to go, daughter?"of course, God's will is one of those deep theological topics that none of us are ever quite sure of. There have been a few places in my life like thar so far...almost like Father God says,"Rachel, I AM with you...I AM leading you...choose a direction, either way you choose, My Will us going to be accomplished."

Now don't write a doctrinal statement on my life experience...but here is where the mystery takes place...Proverbs 16:9 says, "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." it is almost like our Father enjoys letting us choose the adventure We ant and then He holds our hand and tweaks the journey as we go. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of attending a certain school, Evangel University. I was going to major in Spanish Ed, meet and marry a missionary ...we would have 4 kids and change the world! :-) the problem was that when choosing a college, I visited said school and felt zero peace about it. Instead, the Lord led me to Southeastern. I did not study Spanish Ed... I tried Education ... But ended up studying missions. There were several springs in my time there, but no rings :-) I had it in mind to hit the map and to start blazing a trail through all of the nations in my heart ...but God. He stopped me just before graduation and said ... "Will you return to KY (home)?" after saying no three times,I went home. After choosing KY, I also felt a leading to get my M. Div at AGTS but ... That required living in "Misery" and I was called to KY ... So that was a no-go :-) fast forward 5+ years...getting licensed and ordained with the KY Ministry Network...a 2 year urban youth pastor position, a maternity home season, a couple times with Teen Challenge...a season of church revitalization attempts... Working with an awesome church plant that is focused on reaching MY generation... Meeting a slew of amazing, unique and completely raw friends...applying to and being accepted at Asbury, Xavier & Fuller ...

Now here I am...a couple of months ago, in the midst of my striving to move to Pasadena, I felt the Lord take my hand and say, "wait, slow down...I showed you where to go a long tine ago." So, I started re-applying to AGTS. That's when things started moving pretty fast. I spent last week in Springfield...and it was the opposite of misery...it felt like that place called "there" that I've been searching for ... Long story short... When God is in it, He provides...in the last three hours of the last day in Springfield, I was hired to work for a Great organization and got a cute little apartment... I have packed my car and mom's as tight as they can be and tomorrow we launch out for Springfield!!

Something else pretty cool...God is into details :-) there is a major consolidation process taking place with three schools in Springfield, including AGTS, if all goes as is expected... I will probably be graduating from Evangel after all :-)

My heart is full... I have so much to share... I will just have to get back into the swing of posting on here!

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