growing into my shoes :-)

When I was a little girl, I used to LOVE to play dress up! My most favorite toys were old clothes and jewlery, my mom's old cheerleading uniforms and my grandma's dancing shoes and a sheer purple cape. I always loved the accessories...especially those shoes. I remember thinking that I would never be big enough to wear those shoes...and now, here I am, a closet full of shoes, just like my dress up ones :-)

Lately, I've been feeling internally, like the little girl who just realized her shoes fit. It may sound bizarre... but for years as a minister and as an adult, I still felt like a little girl playing around the ankles of the adults :-) haha. For instance, I don't know how many times I'll be talking about a situation and refer to a group of people as the the adults and not include myself. Only to catch it and have to somehow correct my statement. I still feel like a kid most days...I thought that at 25, almost 26, I'd be different. More....SOMETHING?? On the other hand, my mentality of perceived immaturity is reinforced by a world that encourages me to be young! I work with a bunch of people who are my parents' age...and whenever I say "back in the day..." they say, "you don't have a 'back in the day'" ;-)

So, lately I've found myself in situations where up until now I felt strangely like a Junior, ill-equipped and immature, but all of a sudden it's different. It seems like people look me in the eye and see a peer...not a young girl in her mother's clothes. This past year I've been through some very painful, personal growing pains... but I'm beginning to realize that I now see myself as someone who can do what God has called her to do...I am more than a little girl playing dress up...I am growing into the shoes I was born to fill...

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