overdue update

WOW, it's been a minute since I last posted something. Life has been a blur ever since I arrived here in Lexington. The truth is...I've been wanting to post but sometimes it's hard to know where to begin.

Lexington is beginning to feel like home after 4 months. I'm not sure how to sum up the changes that I've been experiencing. I am still living here in the center, sharing a bathroom with 6 other women, never really being away from their ups & downs. But God has been granting me the grace through this season of "securing the foundations" to live within earshot of the very women I minister to. I've been learning about leadership...and boundaries...and discipleship. It's been fun. Every day I see the Lord working in women's lives...I watch women transform before my very eyes...

About two months ago, I decided to choose a home church, True Life Church, is literally a 30 second walk from my back porch. The people of the church are beautiful...real...like a family. We have a great new pastor and his wife gives the best hugs ever! Their children are precious and I'm learning to have a pastor who is not my father.

I am finding a neat friendship with a woman that truly intrigues me. For years, I've prayed for a mentor and the Lord has sent them to me for short seasons, but this woman is like the 'energizer bunny'. She is involved in so many aspects of business, life, ministry, family, etc. Her heart is to mentor young women in the "stuff" of life, a true Titus 2 woman. It's been fun getting to know her. She has two sons who are very industrious for their age, both are not even out of their 20's and they own their own businesses and hold serious leadership positions in the church. I'm intrigued by the strength of their family...I hope to learn from her about how she and her husband have raised such strong sons...

I've been re-evaluating my goals for life...I'm still not ready to put them all out there...but soon, I need the accountability of making them public :-) I've been a bit surprised to see the progress from my 5 year plan I made in college. I have accomplished pretty much all of it...except for a master's degree...which I have not even started...although not for a lack of attempts. (I was accepted at 2 different grad schools and was weeks from starting when, both times, I felt the Lord tell me "No!"). But I still plan to get there.

Anyway, well, there's an update...I'm supposed to be studying since I'm preaching tomorrow evening, but I'm procrastinating... updating my blog suddenly became pressing ;-)

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