Definition of TRANSITION
1: a: passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change
b: a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another
2: a: a musical modulation
b: a musical passage leading from one section of a piece to another
3: an abrupt change in energy state or level (as of an atomic nucleus or a molecule) usually accompanied by loss or gain of a single quantum of energy

Right now, my life is in a transition. For someone who is never short on words, I'm really struggling...so I'll just get to the point.

I am resigning from Hannah's House as of February 15, 2011.

I've been waiting until all of the proper people had been notified before I made it "public." Letting go ... is tough...much tougher than I thought! I love these ladies and I believe in the work that God is doing here. I've invested almost a year of my life into this ministry and it's hard to release it to the Lord. Even so, I have God's peace in my heart.

I am leaving because...

I am planning a HUGE move this summer/fall to Pasadena, CA...
I will begin studying my Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary!

This is something I've been praying about for a LONG time...for the past five years or more. One of my life goals is to teach at the college level, I'm beginning to recognize my passion for teaching. I'm excited about the diversity of Pasadena/Los Angeles. I'm also excited because Fuller offers a few very unique concentrations that will prepare me to minister to women & children in crisis, recovery and poverty. Fuller is very focused on equipping and sending people to where they're called.

Have you ever noticed that transition...in music...usually includes a change in rhythm & key? A lot of times, at first, the transition can throw you off a little until you can pick up the change... Well. since making my decision, life has been bittersweet...lots of letting go. Emotions run rampant during transition...This new adventure is pretty daunting...it's a big new city, with lots of unknown details. But even in the fear of the unknown...I am sure of one thing...God is leading me. I have peace in that ... I'm taking it one step at a time and walking in obedience...

In the past few weeks, I've had so much affirmation & confirmation from the Lord. Last night, I was reading Mark Batterson's "Wild Goose Chase" and he said a few things that struck me...

"When God wants us to experience a change in perspective, He often does it via a change in scenery."

"Where you are geographically affects where you are spiritually."

"Change of Place + Change of Pace = Change of Perspective"

I really believe that God wants me in Pasadena/L.A. to teach me some specific things.

So, one week from yesterday I am moving out of the center and back to NKY to live with my parents. My main objectives: work, save & prepare...and rest. I am spent right now. I need to talk less and listen more. I will still be in Kentucky for several months and I plan to return, Lord-willing. I do not believe my work here is finished...there are still God-dreams in my heart for KY.

I ask for your prayers as I transition (once again) ...

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  1. Rachel, I am excited for you. I know God has great plans for your life and it sounds like He is leading you in the direction He has for you! I pray God will bless you richly and continue to bless you as you walk in His plan for you! Love you! Jenna Lewis


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