a glimpse into the complex road to healing

i'm sitting in my office listening to the girls downstairs on free time. they're listening to a cd and belting it out loud! they crack me up! God has brought such a wonderful group of ladies into the house lately...He is doing so much in their hearts. they are like sponges...so hungry for the Lord and open to what He's doing in them. they have teachable spirits...

lately, i've felt overwhelmed, but it's been the little things that make me smile :-)

this is part of living in the moment that God has you in...soaking up moments of pure joy and laughing...that's something else i love about these ladies, they're always laughing! always...sometimes at inappropriate moments...but i say, laughter is better than tears...only thing better is laughing so hard that it brings you to tears :-)

this is what the road to healing looks like...

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