wait for it...

Have you ever noticed that part in a song where there are no words? The instrumental soliloquy? You know, the part where the musicians get solos and the music builds and everyone gets excited... For those of you who are "non-musicians"...this is the part where the soloist usually jumps off the drum cage and the guitarists head bangs and jumps around a lot....and the drummer goes insane!! yeah that's the part that always gets me!

:-) Yeah I know, sweet pic...andy barron took it (hilsong united concert)

Musically, it's the climax...the best part of the song...but I always end up trying to put words where they do not belong...

Seriously, the BEST part of any song is the instrumental part...but I can't seem to let it be...without serious effort ;-)

Why am I going on about this? Well, I was thinking about it this morning...it is a great comparison to THIS season of my life...my lifesong...I'm in the middle of a bridge...I should be dancing...and in some ways I am...but I'm in such a hurry to get back to the words...the next verse...I always am! Hurrying that is...

God keeps saying to me...be still...be still...be still...I'm about to do something REALLY cool...just wait. Wait for it, wait for it...wait for it.......wait for ME.........

Waiting :-) I'll try not to make up my own lyrics and put them where they're not supposed to be! I'll let Him play the song the way He plays it best :-)


  1. Hi Rachel! I love YOUR blog. And this post is SO true for my life as well - trying to listen, but always looking to the next phase of my life instead of living in the now and talking over what God is trying to tell me. I love the comparison to music - perfect!

  2. THanks, Mica! I just found your comment...but I'm glad it made sense...sometimes I wonder if I'm just rambling :-)


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