reflections on the kind of woman i want to be... (feb 12 09)

esther is my favorits bc she is an example of a beautiful woman who knew where her true beauty came from! She also submitted to a long process of becoming her best for the king. she was dedicated to purity and intimacy with the Lord .Her heart was at rest. She aws strong. She faced intense controversy and she stood in the gap for the salvation of her generation and she led a people to do the same.she went boldly before the king as a woman, not a man. she sought justice and she put herself in danger in order to see it come about. she used the authority and position that God gave her for His glory and not her own. And God blessed her for it! I love the story bc she is one of my heroes.I hope to emulate her. Take another look! God dedicated an entire book on her story in His Story for a reason :-) Prov 12 4

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