tag! you're it...

when i was a little girl i used to be a fast runner, in fact the boys used to pick me for their team in first and second grade when we would play chase because i was faster than them and they could never catch me, so they figured they'd just get me on their team and i'd help them win. haha... as i got older the game of tag and chase became less and less fun because i started to hate running. that's changing again..the thing about running is that it's a discipline. in order to be good at it, you have to do it consistently...to be fast or to be able to run for long distances...you have to run every day. you have to eat right, sleep right, stretch right, and just keep running. when we stop doing the little things right and consistently, the big things like running become harder to do...and one's passion becomes nonexistent.last night, steve preached about the chase...and he was talking about God and how He will sometimes come and touch us deeply...and say "tag you're it" and we're like, hey! come back!! and so we start chasing Him.... the experience of His Presence, His Voice, His Hand...it motivates to get off our butts, out of our comfort zone...off the fence... and chase after MORE! it's when get tired of running, we stop doing the little things that keep our endurance up that makes all the difference in the chase. when we start focusing more on what others think about us, or on our tangible role/position in life, our possessions and our status... when we start looking at our place in the race...or the other runners...or we take our eyes off of Jesus for just a moment...it's over. we lose sight of our Purpose and then we get lost... soon, we just sit down on the side of the road and take a breather... we chill out and then pretty soon, we forget we were even running....and why!recently, i had a "tag you're it" experience at my desk at work...it floored me :-) i was just sitting there and all of a sudden the Presence of God was just there! all over and around me...and it just made me want more!! lately it's like He just keeps going...come on, i'm over here...keep coming...a little further...just keep running... and then i catch Him...or He tags me...and bam He's off again...beckoning me...a little further...beyond my comfort zone...over the guard rail...into the wide open spaces of His unknown....i'm removing my guard rails...look out...here i come...

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  1. That's a really good way of putting it. He draws us so well and He knows just how to get our attention. I love your thoughts :)


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